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I ride and will often carry a camera but it is safely the extent one can safely stow a delicate object.

I don't spill often but had a terrible crash about a year and half ago after hitting a deep pot hole. I was going almost 30mph on a downhill and in effort to keep eyes out for traffic missed the hole! I went down almost vertically. My MacBook Pro survived just fine , giving me good confidence in my Arkel Orca side bag. I can fit a small Domke that holds my camera in the side-bag. Or I use a foam Optechs cover and wrap that in clothing in the bag -not ever-ready by any means.

If I want or need to have something ready to grab, I'd stick to a small camera like Olympus XA or digital equivalent. I don't like handlebar bags but imagine something like a Velo Orange Mini-Rando or Transporteur would be a good solution. I also have a Carradice Nelson for one of my Brooks saddles. It works nicely for a small camera. Carradice are excellently designed and constructed.
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