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I just happen to get mine last month. It will certainly fit a X-T or X-Pro kit with standard zoom and 1-2 extra prime lenses. Sadly it's still a F-5XB so you don't get the improved features seen on the J-5XB like side padding and the rear pocket.

Zippers are OK, smaller than the standard ones, less noisy, but I still ended up replacing it with a pair of cord pullers. Craftsmanship is as expected from Domke. Durability - this is where it gets interesting. The bag alone weighs just 7.4 oz. The included gripper strap alone is almost as heavy. So if paired with a nylon strap the thing goes feather light for the size, thanks to the thin (40D-ish) ripstop material. It's also water resistant, especially the flap part. The down side: from my personal experience with ultralight backpacking gears the ripstop nylon does - as its name suggests - handle rip force well since it's reinforced with dyneema grid. But heavy abrasion is not its cup of tea, nor will it resist puncture from sharp objects. Same likely applies to this Domke bag - it'll be good for many years's normal use, but I don't think it will survive decades of heavy abuse without developing a couple of holes, while the canvas Domkes would.

Still, I'm quite happy with mine since this really is as light as you'd possibly get. And it does look kinda special. So why not.
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