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Originally Posted by rool View Post
Yeah, I'm not thinking of the battery as a problem. Heard that a C.R.I.S adapter would do the job, right?
Sometimes yes with some cameras. Sometimes not with others.

My little old Rollie 35, works fine. Same crisis adapter on the M5 would not fit the battery compartment, combo too tall.

Additionally it depends on the circuity of the meter and required current. The combo works full range on some cameras, on others it will not pass enough current for either high or low light whichever requires more current. I was never pleased with CRISIS on the M5.

Alkaline cells have a non linear discharge curve so they work when new, but do not supply enough power as they age.

Wein cells are expensive but work. Cover the air holes between photo sessions.

hearing aid cells of proper voltage work fine. Use O ring as spacer and cover those holes also. Way cheaper than Wein

Have someone adjust the meter for 1.5 volt battery.

I think Sherry has all the spares for M5 and CL ..

Basically the camera was a gem when new, but like all things thiey deteriorate with age.
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