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Originally Posted by mfunnell View Post
I tend to ask myself "what's the point of an interchangeable lens camera if I never change lenses?" Especially when a change in angle of view, perhaps to explore different subject matter, seems desirable after shooting with one lens for a while.


Because no one currently makes a fixed lens camera with a 1.4/50mm. Or a 1.4/35. Or anything thatís not a 2/35 or 1.7/28 or 2.8/28. Or a rangefinder. Or with TTL viewing. Or with whatever feature you might like.

There is no rule that says how often the lens has to be interchanged. Actually, instead of thinking about an interchangeable lens and camera, think of it as buying a camera and lens seperately. You chose the camera, you choose the lens, you put them together, and youíre done.

(I know this is an old comment, but it comes up all the time so Iím going to reply anyway)
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