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Originally Posted by Austerby View Post
I can recommend buying new Nikon film cameras - I got my FE brand new in 1982 and it's still working perfectly. I hope you get at least 27 years use out of your F6.
You are the exact reason why I always recommend people buy Nikon cameras second hand. They are so well built that they last decades. My Nikon FM2n is an early model and just keeps on truckin' year after year after year. It shows no signs of slowing down. Buying second hand, especially in the case of the F6, allows for a massive savings of money. Now we learned that the OP has no F mount lenses and not much funds for a lens. A second hand F6 would have allowed for 1-2 lenses, with no discernible drop in quality for the camera. Well, everyone makes the choices that they are comfortable with.
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