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Originally Posted by alexandru_voicu View Post
Hi everyone,

Just a quick update. Today I ordered the F6 and the MB-40 from a local dealer. In two weeks to one month, I shall be the proud owner. I wonder what serial number will I get... Above 40000 or below?

I'll let you know when it arrives.

Once again, thank you for your support.

Hi Alex,
congratulations! I wish you lots of fun with your new F6!
Concerning serial number:
The latest reported serial numbers 2-3 months ago were in the 0035636 - 0035650 range, if I remember right (have a look at the F6 serial numbers thread in this subforum ).
Concerning lens:
A good starter would be the current Nikkor AF-S 1.8/50G. A very solid performer at a very attractive price, with an excellent price-performance ratio.
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