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Originally Posted by ColSebastianMoran View Post
Interesting recently, with a non-photo friend on the way to Africa for safari. "I hear the phone cameras are great now, we'll just use that."

I told them: You need a telephoto, you don't want to carry anything bigger than fits in your pocket, get a P&S with a zoom, at least 10x. Better 30x. A little research finds pocketable P&S cameras with 30x zoom for $250 or less. Good ones. They bought one. And, I bought one.
Thank goodness they listened to you. On the other hand, it would have been an opportunity for a good laugh at their expense and a solid I-told-you-so.

A non-camera acquaintance asked my advice for a first camera, before a trip to America. I suggested the Canon G1X, as it was the best solution to what they wanted at that time. Instead, the salesperson at the shop talked them into buying a Nikon D5500 or something with the kit lens.

When they were at the airport, I saw that the LENS AND BODY WERE SEPARATE in the camera bag. They didn't even attach the body to the lens! This is how 'non camera' these people were.

They barely used that camera, and mainly used their cellphones instead. Goddamn waste of money.
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