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"The perfect complement to one's cameraphone" is not a compact camera as they do the same job - take snaps. At least for me and everyone I know. None of my friends and family have used a point-and-shoot for years...! A "proper" camera is the right complement - the Sony A7R II for me.

I used the Canon G or S series for many years but sold my last after it sat unused gathering dust for 2 years. My phone has totally taken its place - I've a Samsung S7, and in pro camera mode it allows full manual control and even shoots DNG raw files. The image quality is shockingly good and more than enough for holiday pics. Once postprocessed they're as good as any compact's images!

I can understand people wanting a small camera like a Sony X100F - however, that's not a "compact camera" but a small "proper" camera. A compact camera, aka a point-and-shoot, is by definition a simple camera for snapshots - now built into our phones, which also do kinds of other useful things...

The compact camera is dying and I don't mourn it. Less stuff to carry!


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