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After having close to a dozen LTM/M RFs less is more.

Right now it's an iPhone 5 or a GRD III with no extra glass.

I was very happy with a Bessa L and a CV 25/4 Snap-Shot, other times equally happy with a M6, M4-P, and a mix of 15, 25, 35, 40, 75, 90, 105, 135, and a rapidwinder or two. Other times the dread-SLR-Nikon and a few choice Nikkors.

I find that I can get a shot that I'm happy with regardless of the lens(es) I have. Can't say it's always a good shot, but I capture what I can with what have as good as I can.

Having lugged around way too much SLR-stuff for vacation shots, I've seen the light. I'm happy with what I have when I have it.

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