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Originally Posted by Juan Valdenebro View Post
Changing lenses can be a problem... And it isn't really a comfortable / fast / relaxing option...
Lately I've been doing it in a way that's been the best one to my liking... I'm carrying 3 cameras inside a small handmade leather bag made for them: 3 defined separate places inside the bag, all with clean access from above, and now I never change lenses.
I did something similar for France. I had two 3Cs CLA'd for the trip. I kept a 35/2.5 CV on one, and a CV 25mm on the other. Sometimes it was a 35 and a 28, and sometimes a 35 and a 50; but always one was a 35mm. I used Tri-X and a Delta 400. I also had along an M7 with CV 40/1.4. I could fit the Barnacks in my vest pockets along with a D-lux 3 and a D-Lux 4, and have only one camera out at a time. If we were going to be out at night, I left one Barnack and one D-lux in our apartment, and brought the M7 with the CV lens. That was well thought out, and worked out well. I think I would do it again, or something similar, on a similar trip.
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