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Originally Posted by Brian Atherton View Post
For the past fourteen years pretty much (baring the odd digital) itís been a M6 and 35mm Summicron as my everyday kit, simply because this is what I feel most comfortable and in tune with.

This year on a whim I bought an Elmar-M 50mm, which hasnít been off the camera for two months.

At first it was hard going. Compared to the 35mm the 50mm seems like a tele, and only now am I getting my eye in for this focal length, but at last Iím having a ball.

Definitely, for me, less is more. My days of lugging tons of kit about are long-gone.

One M body and two lenses are about all the kit I need. But, who knows?...
Amazing! This is just the opposite of my situation. I normally shoot with the 50mm Elmar-M, a truly great lens. But I find there are situations where a somewhat wider lens would work better. So, now I'm carrying, in addition to the Elmar-M, the 35mm Cron Asph.

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