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Depends on what you're doing. In my case, for example, if I'm just walking around and want to take grab shots, candids, or do "street photography" (a term for some reason starting to dislike? How about just "photography")? I have an ever growing appreciation for (a) point and shooters like my Yashica T3 or my Oly XA rangefinder, hell even my Windows Nokia cell phone (Zeiss f2.0 28mm -- which is why I have a Windows phone, of course). The key criteria here is NOT to have a lens protruding from the camera body -- a clam shell design, at least an f2.8 lens so you can do available light, and have a small light inconspicuous camera. Manual control not necessary here. Clearly less is more here.

It I'm taking portraits of family members? Yeah, I'll carry a few lenses and an (D)SLR. Definitely a 50 -- probably my Tac 1.4 or Juperter 9. Maybe a 35mm for group shots. Definitely want manual control or at least aperature priority.

This is not "boolean". Answer is "it depends".
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