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Originally Posted by Takkun View Post
Even with a tiny Domke bag I find myself able to carry an entire RF kit with me, and I frequently do. Often times I find myself mostly shooting with a 50, but it's not much of a hindrance. It ends up being quite nice to have the flexibility of a 25 or 90.
Because how many people go out shooting with only a 90?

I try to keep the weight to a minimum. That's all. When I'm shooting LF, for example, that's when I might stick with a single lens.
Dear Ian,

Exactly. This is another of the false dichotomies so often encountered on RFF. There's a vast difference between doing what you and I do -- switching to another lens when you need it -- and carrying everything you possess and switching lenses all the time.

In other words, you and I carry the minimum kit likely to be needed to get the pictures we want: sometimes one camera and one lens, sometimes three cameras and five lenses. It's easier to carry less, but sometimes you need more.


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