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Originally Posted by mfogiel View Post
The less gear you have the less time you fret about it and the more you go out shooting. Given, that I have little spare time anyway, I have to fret over gear by default.
I agree.

I thought much about this lately. One has to have a system that produces the kind of pictures that one likes. These decisions one has to make beforehand:
b&w vs. color,
angle of view (i.e. perspective (wide), natural (normal) or flat (tele))
sharpness & detail (MF, LF, 35mm, point-and-shoot)

Once this is clear, one tries to fit a scene into the camera one carries (in my case RF with 35mm & b&w film). If the scene requires color, or a 90mm, it will anyhow not be a shot that I would like in the end.

The tough thing is to find out which kind of photos one really likes. I think some of those who carry so much gear are not really sure what they like.
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