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Originally Posted by Dez View Post
But there were reasons that Leitz came up with the M's and subsequently discontinued the screwmount cameras.
Subsequently?! Leitz continued to make screwmount cameras for SIX [edit] years after the M's were introduced! And by that time, the M itself was being supplanted (with pros, in any case) by the Nikon F.

For that reason, I don't believe it's self evident that the M was "vastly superior" for every customer. It was certainly a bit more convenient and it had a major "conspicuous consumption" factor...

A heretical notion around here, but the M doesn't really make better pictures than a IIIg... it's just a little ... easier. Well, until the more modern lenses came out in M mount only - but to paraphrase one of people's complaints about Apple - that was just Leitz "forcing you to upgrade."

Don't get worked up over what I just said. Just me being goofy.
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