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Originally Posted by Juan Valdenebro View Post
The R4 is nice for the 28 bacause in a frame selector position you see the 28 lines and nothing else... But I have stopped using my 28 on my R4M, because of the very light weight of my T's... I use the 28 3.5 as my main lens, and as I keep it prefocused and at f8, I don't need looking through a focusing window, and lately I use my tiny 28 everywhere with the CV 28 brightline finder: a truly magic view!
So maybe an R3 and the external 28 finder for your Skopar can give you the very best that's available...
Oh Juan this doesn't help me at all, as I already have the CV Brightline 28mm finder for my CV28/3.5 and IIIf. Oh goodness me…..this might hurt financially as I do love the 1:1 view through my SBOOI.

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