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Originally Posted by stillshunter View Post
Thank you Juan.
There is actually an opportunity for me to buy a local R3A in great condition for a very nice price. Suit my 50' Cron nicely, but my only hesitation is its utility with my other love the CV 28/3.5. Obviously the R4 is a good match but I also hear the edge of the R2 window can be used for framing.I don't wear glasses when shooting.

Thanks again Juan. So refreshing to not hear I need to buy an MP with Noctilux to shoot anything of value.
The R4 is nice for the 28 bacause in a frame selector position you see the 28 lines and nothing else... But I have stopped using my 28 on my R4M, because of the very light weight of my T's... I use the 28 3.5 as my main lens, and as I keep it prefocused and at f8, I don't need looking through a focusing window, and lately I use my tiny 28 everywhere with the CV 28 brightline finder: a truly magic view!
So maybe an R3 and the external 28 finder for your Skopar can give you the very best that's available...
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