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Originally Posted by Juan Valdenebro View Post
Hi Mark,
All Bessas are great, and well built... All brands can give problems...
Once I made a poll here on RFF about forum members that required repairs for autoexposure "M" cameras, including Bessa R3A, Zeiss Ikon and Leica M7... Guess which one was the less problematic? The Bessa!
And the service at cameraquest is great: I bought my R3A used from them, and it's been absolutely perfect for several years including beach and trips...
If I were you, I would consider very seriously the R3M: the 1:1 view in my R3A is a joy, but I never use autoexposure because nothing's really medium gray, so it isn't something we can really trust or use without worries...
A perfect, durable, enjoyable camera for 40mm and 50mm lenses, and longer ones, and even 35mm with the whole window... The R2M/A has lower magnification and no life size view... Not a problem at all, anyway: my R4M has even lower maginification, and I use it a lot and I enjoy it too... It's only that the 1:1 window is cool...
Happy shooting!
Thank you Juan.
There is actually an opportunity for me to buy a local R3A in great condition for a very nice price. Suit my 50' Cron nicely, but my only hesitation is its utility with my other love the CV 28/3.5. Obviously the R4 is a good match but I also hear the edge of the R2 window can be used for framing….I don't wear glasses when shooting.

Thanks again Juan. So refreshing to not hear I need to buy an MP with Noctilux to shoot anything of value.

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