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I’m an extensive X-Pro2 user, it being the only camera I use for digital. The hidden LCD doesn’t appeal to me. The current fixed one is fine for my needs: on the rare times I chimp, it’s there when I need it, and it doesn’t require flipping down. This screen ‘improvement’ is bottom on my list of requirements.

The improved viewfinder, though, is welcome, and I’m hoping for the latest sensor, together with faster autofocus and processing.

Definitely what should be sorted as a matter of priority is the diopter eyesight adjustment; it should have a lock mechanism. I resort to using gaffer tape to stop it being moved. Another improvement would be a stiffer exposure compensation dial - but definitely no lock button! Also the menu accessibility should be given an overhaul and made simpler and easier to negotiate. The removal of D-pad is also retrograde: probably it is more to do with cutting manufacturing costs than improving user usage.

My other thought on the rear LCD is that it is yet more drain on the battery: to me it just seems a pretty pointless and unnecessary addition/gimmick.

Titanium? Not for me but no doubt the body will weigh slightly less than the standard. New coatings? Welcome as long as there’s no price premium. The current black model I use is pretty bombproof and is holding up well despite my use in all environments and weather - certainly it has held up better than my black paint Millennium M6.

This said, I reserve judgement until I get my hands on a X-Pro3; I might just be surprised how much I like it. Or not.

And yes, remove the video capability.

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