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There's only one [edit: small/cheap] Canon camera with traditional split prism viewfinder for strictly manual use of EF (and adapted) lenses, the Canon EF-M. It's about the size of the EOS 1000 (i.e. rather small-ish for an EOS). They are not the most frequent cameras to find but they come up from time to time. All other EOS cameras have viewfinders optimized for AF, so, not easy to work with manual lenses. Bearing that in mind, right now I'd look for a clean EOS 30/30v (7/7n in the US, I think) as it's one of the latest film EOS bodies and it's not too big. I have one and the only fault I find is hunting AF in very low light (other EOS bodies are better for that) but that's not going to be a problem with manual lenses.
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