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Originally Posted by Eric T View Post
For some reason, I can't get manual M mount lenses to work on the Sigma fp. I know others have no issues so I suspect there is a setting I am missing. Ofter mirrorless cameras have a setting that says something like "shoot without lens" but I don't see that in the Sigma fp menu. I am using an LM to LT adapter.
I was put off by the lack of viewfinder at first. But I noticed that I am getting perspectives without a viewfinder that I would miss with one.
The IQ out of the Sigma fp is terrific. You will be pleased.
I don’t have the FP but make sure you are in MF mode. Also try changing to release priority. The camera should work fine with adapted lenses, Sigma’s video of it shows it with a Summicron on it. FP look great with all the AR options it has. Upcoming Foveon L mount should be a great camera.

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