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I was hopping for a bit more feedback but I did learn a few things since posting. Gossen released several updates to their meters at the end of October. Many of the updates were features Sekonic has had for several years, like the backlighted screen. Sekonic's' backlight for the 308 comes on at EV 5 snd stays on while you're using the meter. Gossen lights up at EV 3 and is on for five seconds. The Gossen display is busy with secondary information, much like an analog meter. If I want all of that, I'll stay with an analog meter. I had an opportunity to handle a Sixtomat F2 and found I like both the forward facing lumisphere and the side mounted controls on the 308 better than the controls on the front and the end mounted lumisphere on the Gossen. The Sekonic also offers a larger field for reflective metering. B&H informed me they have both the older versions and the latest release of the Gossen in stock but I think a Sekonic 308x from a local seller is the choice. Thanks for the help.
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