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I'm in the market for an inexpensive, small rangefinder camera, so this thread coming up this morning is timely. After looking at stuff on the web until my eyes about fell out I decided to go through my pics from other cameras, and the clear winners in terms of image quality are the Retinas. The Xenar 50 3.5 photos look very similar to Leica lenses. I'm going to buy a !a, which is not technically a rangefinder as it has no, well, rangefinder. Be that as it may, it's not a SLR and I have to figure out the distance, so we'll fudge it a little.

These are from my old Ia. Tri-X in Rodinal at 1:25 and scanned on a flatbed w/ zero post editing, so there's a lot more detail to be had in the negs. All that beautiful Rodinal grain disappeared when I made wet prints! Those were the days when I was printing w/ RC papers, so it would be worthwhile to print something larger on fiber w/ some filters to try and capture the grain again.
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