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Originally Posted by rhl-oregon View Post
Raid, I think the correct response would be (currently) that 82% of responding members own Leicas.

It would be interesting to see how the overall numbers changed with a few further questions:

If you answered NO: did you previously own a Leica? How many?

If you answered NO: do you plan to acquire a Leica (used or new)?

Whatever you answered: do you own Leica lenses you adapt to other camera bodies? M/ltm-mount lenses you adapt to other bodies?

I imagine the Leica percentages would increase with questions like these.
I think that as wonderful as it is to know that 80% of RFFers own at least 1 Leica camera, from the CEO's perspective, the questions are:
A- how many are likely to buy a new Leica camera?
B- if you answer no to A then what single thing will change your mind?
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