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Tricky one this!
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Tricky one this!

It's a tricky one this
I suspect that anyone wanting to get a rangefinder must have some photographic experience (even if just a little) or they would be buying digital in this day & age.
Because of this, I'm guessing they want to be in control of things & try something a bit different from the norm.
I have lots of rangefinders, but for this price I'd have to go for a Zorki 4K with Jupiter8 (I bought mine for 20 last year) as you have complete control of everything & don't have to worry about batteries or electrical failure in the future.
It feels a lot more substantial than any of my konicas (S3, C35), or most other japanese cameras of the 60's/70's & the lens is great (that & you have the endless possibilities of other glass) & I feel it a pleasure to use.
No, it's not a Leica but that isn't a fair comparison (because of the price difference alone), but I enjoy using it just as much as my Leicas!
I feel a bit cheated when I use the Konicas, just because all you really need do is focus & shoot, because of the built in light meter & automation.
But that said, they are much lighter / smaller & quicker to use than a Zorki, so have their place (& obviously great optics).
If I was street shooting & wanted to be discreet though, I'd opt for an Oly XA great lens, easy to use.
My vote goes FSU
Too many cameras & not enough time to use them!
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