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I'm slowly drifting to idea that Konica III (plain III, not even IIIA or IIIM) is FL RF I like.

Electro 35 and it's relatives - Av only. Good when it's all you need, and sometimes it isn't enough. Controls are somehow lacking final touch - tactile wise.

Lynxes - this are the cameras! Pity their RF optics aren't preserved up to level where users don't complain about faded RF patches.

KAS/KAS2 - VF is large and bright, RF patch keeps very well - contrasty enough. Nice lens, and loud mechanics. Brutal feeling of alligator with lens Tiny DOF scale located on body - not very practical implementation.

35RC - very nice VF - large and brigh enough. Because mine works in manual mode only, I feel that narrow aperture ring is made to be left on A setting most of times. With slow films one can lack slow speeds - not a limitation really, if you are aware and use it accordingly. Solidly built, although some complain about failure of wind mechanism (I don't, at least so far). Size and features is it's strong side.

Konica III - smaller VF, KAS/KAS2 has better. No moving framelines. Otherwise it's gem - Seikosha shutter is quieter than Copals on Lynxes and KAS series (except electrical Copal on Electro, for sure), blades don't make metallic sound, even slow speeds run more silently. This doesn't affect performance, I simply enjoy smoothness.

Advancing also is quieter, just takes a bit longer (there are motorized SLRs for frame-gunning style shooting, right?).

Shutter release because of lack of AE mechanism travels short and smoothly. KAS series obviously lack this property, though their weight compensate this flaw so take this as aesthetical/tactile issue.

Body is great - sized like Lynx 5000 which has ideal size/weight ratio, lens barrel is cone shaped and extends from body very naturally. Cylinder shaped barrels...not that they are wrong (probably too SLRish? this is not true, of corse, there are cylinder shaped RF lenses), I just happen to like cone more on vintage cameras.

Here is another flaw - speed ring on III is little too narrow for me. I like how it's done on KAS - slightly erects over barrel and is a bit wider than on III (on KAS2 it's not so good - ergonomically). Erecting it a bit (a bit, not to make front of lens ugly) would enhance model III.

Can't not mention RF department - built like a tank, not cheapo as on Lynxes, Electro and KAS/KAS2. Even mirror can't fall off post after impact - because it's mounted in frame not glued.

While it usually is over us$50, I'd go for it as only FL RF (anyway most of us spend more cash to simmer through loads of FL RF's )...well, probably have also 35RC as compact notebook.

Truth is we are so different and good news are there are enough cameras to choose from. Good luck.

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