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Interesting thread. I think any of those listed that sell for under $50 and are in good working condition would be wise choices.

Strangely I have never gotten a yashica. And I like the Yashica brand. My first was an 8mm movie camera back about 1963. I loved it. Then about 1971, my beloved Yashica TL Super, the poor man's Nikon. I purchased a Yashica made Contax and loved it, and when it went bad, got Yashica FX 103. I just can't fall in love with the G series. I don't know why. For sure Yashica has good glass. Better than it ever got credit for.

I agree with above posts about the Konica glass as well. I have two Canonet G17 IIIs and like them, but seldom carry them. I have a Petri Computer 35 which is a nice choice due to its lens, reliability, compactness and lightness.

I enjoy my XA that I got with two other nowhere cameras for about $20 total, from a ebay seller that didn't know what they had, and didn't properly describe it. Just an Olympus camera (with case and flash). Neat little camera. I keep it in my car.

The best? As others have said, the one that works well when first obtained, and the user likes enough to keep using. That could be most anything.
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