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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
I don't particularly like the camera as I believe it's over rated but the GSN seems to be the one. I have a couple that cost me around $50.00 each and they perform flawlessly!

I just can't get along with them though so they spend all their time in the cupboard ... the size and the ergonomics spoil them.
Agreed. Though I've never had one that works perfectly. I spent about 200-300 dollars going through multiple ones, including cheapos and expensive "works perfectly" ones from ebay, and all of them either broke or didn't work. In the end when I realised I could have just bought a Bessa R body brand new with that money I just cracked it and now I have somewhat of a vendetta against the electros. I did have a minister III though that worked well and had a gorgeous lens.

I want to like the Electros.... I saw Colin's (Avotius) photos from china with one and they took my breath away. Truly a world class lens in the right hands.

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