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Epson scan is best software I ever tried with Epson scanners. VS and SF are next to useless on Epsons, IMO.
But it is not for everyone, I'm among those who were able to realize what it does its best in auto. I just took it as the fact what here is zero reason for extra manipulation in Epson scan, it gives best what scanner could give in Professional mode, but WB and exposure are in auto. The rest of adjustment is done in LR 4.4, old standalone sw.

But I use SF with Plustek and since my manual exposed frames are different, it needs individual manipulation before scan comparing to Epson-Epson were it is good enough to scan all frames in one time. Somethings Epson will not be able to batch scan some frames, those I do manually, it is usually frames exposed in very dark surroundings.
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