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Software for Epson V800?
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Software for Epson V800?

I'm currently working out a deal for an Epson V800 and unless shipping is insanely priced, it ought to be here next week.
The scanner will be coming with Silverfast and, apparently, Epson's own software. And I already own Vuescan--that's what I've been using with the crappy all-in-one I've been doing what few scans I do at home.
My inclination is to continue to use Vuescan--after getting the drivers for the V800--but I'm not sure.

Vuescan has definitely been better than the Canon software but has also seemed a bit fiddly, I have never been able to get a good scan with out several attempts and the default settings have been "ok" at best.

I shoot one 4x5 film( HP 5+) and my negs are fairly consistent for exposure, now.

I'd like to be able to set sort of a basic "preset" and then, if needed, fine tune that.

Anyone have a specific reason for favoring one or the other(Silverfast or Vuescan) for the V800?


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