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Easily one of my favourite threads here at the moment.

When I'm feeling better I hppe to pick up some 400NC to shoot over the Xmas period with the M2, very excited about doing so.

Also, whilst 35mm seems to come in for a beating from the medium/large format purists, and seems to get knocked by some digital fashionistas -- it constantly enraptures me with its tones and even scanned it looks lovely to me. To me, grain belongs on a photo, not too overbearing, but some there -- it's wonderful.

And whilst the images on the top of page 6 are large and very wide, there is something wonderful about seeing a scanned strip of 35mm negatives in sequence (actually this applies to 120/220 as well) -- it really tells a story and that to me is wonderful to look at, especially when the quality of the portraits shared here is so high.

Delightful and thank you for everybody who has shared some shots here, I will too soon!
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