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Originally Posted by Takkun View Post
To be fair, most of these were not keepers in any way, just snapshots that triggered a lot of obscure, albeit mundane, memories. To use one example, as I was describing the process to someone, one roll had a number of blurry photos of a tree. I remember the exact moment: a gray November day, walking along the Burke-Gilman Trail in 2006. I met with a friend at Pita Pit for lunch. A neutral memory I have no particular attachment to.
This is why I keep everything. Even if it has no artistic value, it jogs my memory. There is so much of my life that is lost in the mists of time and this way some of it comes back. Just the other day, some simple pictures of days I spent with an ex brought back fond memories I wouldn't otherwise have had access to. They weren't even anything personal, just mostly snaps from the car window, often blurry, but seeing them brought back the feeling of that day, smells of leaves and food, wind and temperature, atmosphere of a drive.

Of course the pictures I consider art are important to me. Everything is an attempt at art, but the ones that succeed are a very small percentage, so I am finding different ways of consuming my own pictures; mostly what my photos are about to me is simply recalling the subjectivity of inhabiting myself on a given day, often with the help of music and pot (which helps make even ordinary pictures into very meaningful memories). If I threw away those images, I would never recall those days again. Well, I would in a general sense, but not in that amount of specificity.
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