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Round the World This Fall-Suggestions?
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Round the World This Fall-Suggestions?

I am in the initial stages of planning a 4-6 month round the world trip. I will probably be leaving at the end of September (airfares drop significantly). I have no ties left in the US (selling house and no debt) and I have a very good retirement income (33 years working for US government).

Presently, I plan on Japan, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia overland to Thailand, India, Israel/Jordan, Italy overland through Europe, and then home. I hope to use only carry on luggage but may need to purchase a bit of winter clothing by the time I reach Israel.

My photo equipment will probably be all digital with a Leica MP240 as the main camera. I will either take 25,35 and 90 focal lengths or just leave the 25 at home. Both the 35 and 90 are small and light. I have just preordered a Ricoh GR3 for backup but it also gives me a 28 FOV. It all fits nicely in a Hadley Small. I hope to write a blog (not video) and post photos and story as I go. Need to exercise the brain so I stay sharp.

So, I am looking for suggestions on places to visit. I have done a lot of international travel in my 66 years, especially during the last ten since I have been retired. But let me hear your favorite destinations and why.

Also, I am looking for suggestions on non photographic gear. What do you think is essential for travel? And my main computer is a seven or eight year old MacBook Pro. I need something much lighter but with the capability to post photos. I know nothing about computers and may be the oldest analog dinosaur around. It does not have to be an Apple product.

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