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Originally Posted by alexandru_voicu View Post
In Britain, the difference between a second one in mint condition and a new one is about 1000 pounds, which is less than 1300 US dollars. True, it's a huge amount. But... You do get the piece of mind. Then you help Nikon keeping the production of the F6 alive. Then you get new electronics, as we all know that the electronics will fail first. An unused F6 from 10 years ago might have only 10 years of useful life, simply because the electronics will eventually fail. A new F6 might double the life expectancy. And, fourth, I'm one of those with hard luck finding used cameras in good condition. I've been burnt too many times. I think the shipping costs for various returns would have bought a nice camera. Of course, I exaggerate, but you get the point. For how advanced it is, the F6 in new condition is an absolute bargain compared to the Leica MP.
But you can be much more optimistic concerning the long term stability of electronics. Have a look at the first electronic cameras which were introduced in the 70ies like the Canon AE-1. Most of them are still working after 40 years. And those which are defunct mostly died because of crashed mechanics.
For example when the Nikon F3 was introduced, most professionals were rather sceptical because of the electronics. But in a few years the F3 has proven its reliability and now it belongs to the most legendary cameras.

If the electronic is very well made, it will last very very long. And the F6 is made with highest professional standards, for long term professional use.
If you take a bit care for it, it will certainly last for at least 35 years, probably for much longer.
And for such a long time the price of a new F6 is negligible. It are just some bucks per year.
A new F6 used for decades is not only one of the best options, but also one of the cheapest options for an outstanding SLR.
I am using one, too. For more than a decade now. And it works perfectly. Dream camera.
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