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Originally Posted by slantface View Post
I'd say it's merely a choice around automation. I love shooting in manual mode on all of my cameras, but on some occasions, I prefer using Aperture Priority. In making that choice, I would say that there's plenty of calculation and automation going on to help create my properly exposed image, but I'm making a choice here to eliminate some of my own authorship for the sake of convenience. I don't necessarily see that as an elimination of my own creativity. I love the manual process of digital and film, but each has it's own level of analog and simplicity, depending on what you choose to prioritize.

Additionally, there was a time a few years back that I went to such extremes as to try my hand at wet plate collodion, which was so fun and exciting, creating not only the image but the emulsive surface on which to expose the image. This process requires attention at all levels, but in the end, it is very tedious, so automation (read AI) is sometimes a much more efficient way to progress despite eliminating some direct control.
Indeed. Choices abound, and it's never been a better time to be a photographer, in my opinion. One can choose from high automation to purely manual, even coating one's own emulsions if one wishes, and everything in between.

I would only be upset if not given a choice. I have often heard angry diatribes against digital cameras in general and digital SLRs in particular, where a person angrily asserts that the camera 'forces' them to use forms of automation they do not want, or 'forces' them to chimp the screen, or 'forces' them to machine gun one photo after another instead of taking slow deliberate shots. Funny, my DSLR can be set to M and then I set the focus, the aperture, the shutter speed, the ISO, and of course I frame the shot and take the photo myself. In what way was I 'forced' to do anything I didn't want to do? Of course, sometimes I like to use AF, AE, and hammer away like a mad thing. Nice to have a choice, IMHO.
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