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Compared to my Leicas, the Bessa R is a decent camera (sorry, couldn't help myself -- compared with Leica)

Seriously, the only Bessa I own is the R. It really is a unique animal in this world -- native LTM body with built in meter, hinge-back loading, framelines for different focal lengths, etc.

It is worth a slight comparison to other LTM cameras (in my case Barnack Leicas and Canon RFs). The R is very nice and light weight. The meter is quite accurate and useful for folks who know how to properly use meters. Native LTM mount is kind of neat, but yeah I can use LTM lenses on the M6 to get the same experience. The R is sized well and handles easily. The batteries only power the meter, so its always ready to take photos even if the batteries die. The R has a hotshoe, something not found on any of my other LTM cameras (are there any other LTM bodies out there that have a hot shoe?)

The meter layout of the R is the same as the M6TTL. Its because of my experience with the R that I desire an M6TTL today (as opposed to classic M6). That central led dot makes metering easier for me.

One thing about my Bessa R: Viewing through the viewfinder is persnickity. It might just be my camera, but I have to look through the viewfinder precisely dead on to get the entire RF patch and frameline to show. Any tiny deviation right or left and I don't see all of those. I don't notice such pickyness with any of my Leica M cameras (sorry, another comparison but it makes a point). While this is not a horrible detraction, it is one reason why I don't use my R very often. However, the main reason is that I just really prefer to use my M cameras because my brain likes their size, shape, layout, etc. more than most any other camera.

Oh, and the back door on my R is just now getting sticky/tacky.
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