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Originally Posted by aizan View Post
This just points to the Olympus OM-4's strength, because none of the comparable cameras at the time had metering systems that were as advanced. The Nikon F3 had a heavy center-weighted metering with no other options. The Pentax LX also only had center-weighted. Second place isn't so bad.
Yeah, but Canon really chose just about the most byzantine way possible to implement the different meter patterns. It also made the focusing screens expensive because they were quite complex in design and construction, and the spot screens today are rare and expensive.

This is something I've had to adjust on one of my Canon FD lenses. The lens repair manual explains how to fix it, and it's pretty easy. I don't know why repairmen would give conflicting opinions.
Probably because they didn't know how to fix the problem. Not every camera tech is competent, and that is a fairly obscure problem. I wish I had that repair manual, I'd have fixed mine!
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