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Originally Posted by ruilourosa View Post
I really do not understand when oldschool was so old that an anti halo back was not a reality.

the vintage look is so vintage that never existed in the past, a nostalgy based in a exacerbated or false memory, itīs just a baroqueism
I don't thing that film lovers are nostalgic, or trying to bring back something even falsely from the past.
Most film aficionados look into what that silver on the black and white film delivers. Have you ever tried the long gone Verichrome for example? Can you tell how a silver rich bw differs to a fine digital bw?
One might say, you scan that film and bring it down to the fields of a digital bw, but this is true for those that just scan and do not wet print. Try it yourself and then you will understand what makes someone mad about film.
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