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Originally Posted by Roger Hicks View Post
All too often, the first pic is the best.

As well, therefore, to be as careful as possible within the necessary time constraints,


If not the first shot, then the first visit. So you're very right about using the time well. Often I get the shot on the first visit because time is in excess, like waiting for my son to finish rowing training. But there is also the reverse of this luxury. Three of the best shots I've taken I was on quick errands under instruction. Had to sneak the camera out of the house. Took one or two quick frames, seemingly on the fly, but had seen something, concentrated for a moment and moved on. Returning to those scenes: the shop has closed down, the bank has been repainted or the same scene is still there, supposedly, but it no longer has any magic at all for some reason and the puzzle is how I saw anything there, and how it worked as a photograph.

Second of two frames, head tilted on the side as I had the shopping in one hand, blazing sun. They've painted the bank some awful brown and this is not possible now. My stealth camera, Leica II with uncoated 50 Elmar.

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