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Originally Posted by CMur12 View Post
I, too, would have dearly loved a Pentax Spotmatic - or even more out of reach, a Nikon F, in 1972. Instead, I cleaned out my checking account to get a demo model of a Yashica TL Super with the 50mm f1.7 lens. I think it cost me US $90.00 at the time, including sales tax. (The salesman took pity on me and reduced the price to what I had in my account.)

That Yashica provided me a grand introduction into photography!

I recently bought one of these, in need of repair, but handling it brings back the old memories.

- Murray
The first 'real' camera that I bought was a Yashica TL Super. I also still have mine. It got me back into photography but only a couple of years after I got it. I don't recall what I paid for it, but I got it out of the PX catalogue so I would not have thought it likely to have been as much as one in the USA. But I am pretty sure it was more that $90.00. But I really don't recall for sure; that's nearly 45 years ago and lots of camera purchases in between.
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