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I actually made the opposite progression to many here. I found RFF while researching and eventually purchasing my Olympus E-P2 (digital compact system cameras). After many years of small P&S digitals, the E-P2 was my first "serious" camera purchase -- bought at a time when i finally had enough disposable income to play around with. RFF was a natural home for me in part due to the types of people populating the board and the approach photography I've felt I've always shared, but hadn't yet taken seriously. I was realizing that bigger sensors could achieve a different look -- one that I vaguely remembered to be more pleasing from during my film days (P&S then too), but at the same time wouldn't necessitate me buying a hulking black DSLR. For me my E-P2 just opened the door to what RFF had to offer!

Flash forward to today and I've rediscovered film by way of a Contax G2, a Leica M3, a few Rolleiflex, an Oly OM1, a Pentax 67, a Plaubel 670 and a Polaroid 195. And I just got my first 4x5 press camera in the mail 2 says ago! I did say I opened the door to what RFF had to offer -- that includes the GAS . Seriously though, I love knowing that you can buy and really use these cameras to figure out what works with your particular style, and then sell what you don't click with for essentially no depreciation. I've also learned very much about optics and the technical aspects of photography over the last few years. Changing formats that often really forces you to understand the science behind photography in a way that isn't even required to be a "pro" anymore.

Anyway, I still use my Oly, but now I've upgraded to the OMD. Is it the "new rangefinder"? In a technical sense, of course not. But could these new classes of digitals be the spiritual heirs to one of the rangefinder's most important characteristics -- a 100+ year legacy of pushing the bounds of marrying compact size with performance? Yes, I think they might be the first digitals to do so.
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