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Originally Posted by rhl-oregon View Post
Lovely images.

So why does the OP post them in a thread conspicuously devoted to street photography?

And why do others play along? If Santa Fe architecture and cityscape is worth its own thread, why not create that thread?

At least Daniel Ingram selected images that feature people walking past the (more heavily featured) Santa Fe architecture. I appreciate that effort.

It is a pity that Frank Jackson is not actively moderating this thread—which leaves it exposed to misunderstanding and misinterpretation at the the very least—but perhaps everyone involved could search their own motives for ignoring, tweaking, tilting, or tweaking the accepted meaning of “street photography” in misdirecting the current and spirit of Frank’s clear directive. If you don’t care about the spirit and essence of candid and street photography, there's still no need to undermine it by co-opting it, as it presently appears.

And maybe a kind and scrupulous moderator would move this material to a thread titled Santa Fe Architecture or something similarly informative and accurate.
Hi Robert,

Now that you mention it I see the problem. Maybe someone can move it to the right place. Title it New Mexico so it can be with anything from that area?
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