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I reckon that survey is far too unambitious. 50+ rolls as the largest quantity bracket just doesn't cut it for us film-doomsday preppers.
I've got
- 125 rolls of 135 colour slide
- 76 rolls of 135 colour neg
- 32 rolls of 120 colour slide
- 30 rolls of 120 colour neg
- 92 rolls of 135 b&w neg
- 9 rolls of 120 b&w neg
(and 36 packs of Instax Mini)
As you can see, I'm heavily biased to stocking up on colour, only because I'm thinking b&w has a better chance of manufacturing longevity.
Since I use maybe 15 rolls a year I've got decades to go before I exhaust this pile, and yet whenever I see a sale, I snap more up. Recently I had to upsize my fridge to cope.
I'm sure even this collection is modest compared to some others here.
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