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Originally Posted by Doug View Post
Please bend this conversation back to the topic of Kodak price increases and avoid the capitalist/communist/socialist politics. Interesting though some may be, some posts may be "disappeared"...
I fully agree. Since it was my mention of the word "capitalist" that seems to have sparked the change of topic, let me make an attempt at getting back on track.

The video posted by Kamerastore mentions that the price increases will most likely hit the the lower cost films. My question is, is that only speculation or is there any evidence that that is the case? Is it just wishful thinking on the part of the Kamerastore guy?

Currently I can get a 3-pack of Kodak Gold 200 (36exp.) for just short of 8 (about $9) at a drug store so that's about $3/roll which is dirt cheap. If they raised the price on that film it still wouldn't be very expensive. However, I fear that the price increase will apply to Portra moreso than films like Gold or ColorPlus. It seems that Portra 400 sells out quite frequently at a local analog photography store and they've had to wait for extended periods of time for their backorders to be filled. It would follow that Kodak would then invest in the infrastructure of the products that are in high demand so that means Portra.

Also, can anyone speculate whether or not it will also apply to something like Kodak's Super 8 Vision film stock?
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