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Originally Posted by leicapixie View Post
To anyone not having lived under the "freedom of communism" or authoritarian state, intellectuals can find wonders in misery..
Cuba is a tragedy ongoing.
Screw the old junk cars, peeling paint and falling down buildings..
I'm sure Fidel's house had no leaks and he needed many to carry his groceries home..
I will comment as I live in rural Cuba part time. Our town is economically struggling but full of happy people. I have many family members who are ardent supporters of the Revolucíon. I can assure everyone the situation in different that you purport.

My Cuban wife is a published poet and writer. She says she is happy she lives in Cuba where her work is published because of it's intellectual merits whereas in the US it would only be published if it had commercial marketability. It does not bother her that our house does not have air conditioning nor hot water. It does not bother her that her washing machine is not automatic because of our limited water supply. She is content with washing a weeks worth of clothes in one batch of soapy water and rinses them in buckets to be hung on the clothes line. She is happy that everyone has a place to live, enough food to eat, medical care, and no cost university opportunities. She says she would not live in the US and have her children raised with capitalist values.

My mother in law at age 12 volunteered to spend a year traveling solo through the countryside setting up temporary schools to teach peasants to read and write. Half of Cuba was illiterate in the early 1960's until they achieved 99+% literacy in two years. It was considered such a normal contribution that no one ever mentioned it until I asked my wife about that project a year after we met. My MIL spent her life working for the Culture system finally leaving her equivalent $20 a month position for a equivalent $10 a month pension. She now lives OK and supports the government.

Thanks to my wife's connections, I was able to attend Fidel's 90th and final birthday celebration. The outpouring of support for him was incredible.

Every May 1st, I attend the annual Communist workers day march and fiesta. It puts any 4th of July event I have been to in the US to shame.

One can summarize Cuban culture as assigning the highest value to those things that money can't buy such as family, friends, social structure, and caring for every citizen. Quite a contrast to our focus on who has the most money or toys.

Understand that I have no desire to have the US be socialist or Communist but I certainly will not speak poorly of Cuba who is.
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