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Originally Posted by Jamie123 View Post
... Black Friday is just an arbitrary sales day. There's nothing sacred about it that should be respected.
Well, not entirely arbitrary: there was an evolution to it.

* Since Thanksgiving is always on Thursday, Americans began making Thursday through Sunday into a long weekend-cum-vacation. These days, it can extend from Wednesday through Monday.

* Since the next big holiday is Christmas, the perfect time to get shopping done ahead of time would be the Friday or weekend directly after Thanksgiving.

* As we all know from accounting, retailers whose finances may have been in the red often had their finances transition to the black on this Thanksgiving weekend.

* Anticipating large crowds and big sales, retailers began opening their stores at crazy early morning hours and being in such lines became a cultural tradition for some people. The cycle thus feeds on itself as a sort of shopping frenzy is anticipated by all.

So, Black Friday is not really arbitrary in origin.
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