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Originally Posted by Jamie123 View Post

Anyways, I don't feel like arguing about capitalism vs socialism as that wasn't the point I was making. The point was, Black Friday is just an arbitrary sales day. There's nothing sacred about it that should be respected.

Also, either you're translating proverbs from another language that don't work in English or you just make the worst similes ever. Vomiting on an opera stage? Why would that be an "act of morons"? Either it's part of the act in which case it makes narrative sense or the opera singer is ill in which case they're in need of medical attention and hardly deserve being called a moron.
The irony being: he's in Canada where "black Friday" is even more arbitrary than it is in the US because in Canada its not attached to an adjacent holiday. Thanksgiving in Canada is in October.

I remember some years ago, one of the major automakers announced one of its models was to be discontinued and the factory closed (and thousands put out of work). The announcement was made at the close of the business day on the evening before Thanksgiving, perhaps in hopes that the media wouldn't give it much coverage. At least that is what the pundits assumed was the case. As it turned out, it was the lead story on the TV news that night.

If the pundits were right (obviously no one knows for sure), the bad news of the factory closure and layoffs were much more sinister than the horrible bad news that this thread is all about. Hey, they're still making the film, right? Just enjoy it. Pack a bag lunch a couple times a month and save some money to pay for film. Sell some gear you're not using. Etc, etc. Heck there's probably some loose change under your sofa cushions and on the floor of the car.
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