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Originally Posted by traveler_101 View Post
Ko.Fe has an idea what he is talking about: austerity which has been a price to pay in controlled economies. Norway was never a communist country, but its social democracy was in some ways austere - particularly when it came to "luxuries" like nice fresh food. I had a little smakbit (taste) here in Oslo when I arrived in the 1990s and lived on the old working class side of town. Most grocery stores had limited stocks and almost no fresh food. Larger supermarkets from Europe were stocked but were too expensive on my salary. The state liquor store was Soviet style - walk up to a counter, the wares were in the back. No quotas but prices were high.
He seems to dislike all economic systems. Capitalism uses price as a way to 'ration' products in short supply. That, in theory, creates incentives to expand production - assuming that there is some measure of competition in markets.
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