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Originally Posted by Larry Cloetta View Post

When Eastman Kodak was one of the world’s largest companies they could be profitable and be a very healthy business with profit margins of a few cents per roll. Film is now a boutique business, the necessary margin now is likely in dollars per roll, especially for Kodak, which is still struggling to stay afloat, as opposed to Ilford which seems to be already well adjusted and dialed in to manufacturing and market realities. More efficient, IOW.

Maybe Kodak survives, maybe they don’t, but I’m looking at this price increase as a drowning man coming up for air, not greed. If Kodak can ever get the film business right sized, profitable and stable, I would expect them to then be in a position to become more “competitive” in terms of price.
Surviving long enough to get to that point is the challenge. Raising prices in this environment is a risk, granted, but it may well have been their only option for survival. You can’t sell all your products as loss leaders indefinitely.
Exactly - prices reflect scale of the market and costs - for refurbishing equipment and securing the supply train. My understanding though is that Kodak made money last quarter. Film sales are up significantly. See link above.
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