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Originally Posted by Ko.Fe. View Post
Did you ever lived as regular citizen in socialism or you are campus Starbucks social warrior ?

I lived through it. We have to stay inline for hours, or pay more to speculants or buy available garbage. It was multiple choice with commies. For regulars.
I embrace capitalism because my choice is truly multiple.
My current company gave me BF discount code and we saved 40% on outwear which only high ranked commies kids had.

To me increasing price at BF on product I use is like vomiting on opera stage. Act of morons.
Not sure if your rant is about socialism or about communism. Either way, you didn't like it whatever system that you lived under. But it sounds as if you're anti-capitalism, too.

In a capitalist system, companies make products, and they are free to charge what they like. And you are free to buy, or not to buy. And if you don't like Kodak's prices, then buy from a competitor.
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